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Who We Are

Created in 1989 by the Greenville County Redevelopment Authority (GCRA) and formerly known as Neighborhood Housing Corporation, Beyond Housing SC is one of the oldest affordable housing non-profit organizations in Greenville County.  Since 1989, Beyond Housing SC has created over 200 homeownership and rental opportunities.  For over 30 years, Beyond Housing SC has led the effort to place families and individuals in housing they could afford.

Our goal is to provide safe, affordable housing for low-to-moderate-income families, seniors, veterans, and individuals with special needs. Our service areas are Greenville, Lauren, Spartanburg, and Anderson. 

Our vision is equitable and vibrant communities where all residents are equipped to prosper and achieve their full potential. Join us in this endeavor to create a better Greenville for all!

A Fresh Approach

While we’ve been around for over 30 years and have created almost 200 homeownership opportunities, we felt we were missing something. Over the years, we have realized that building and renovating homes is simply not enough. Housing, while an important aspect of well-being, is just one aspect of a thriving community. Access to grocery stores, transportation, quality education, and recreational spaces are some of the many other components that are necessary for a high quality of life. Going forward, we will continue to create affordable homeownership and rental opportunities, but we will not stop there. We are committed to going beyond, working side-by-side with residents to set and achieve the goals that they have for their communities. Through Community Development and Grassroots Organizing, Beyond Housing will partner with the communities to promote the 5 stages of Community Development.

Phase 1 – Get Started. Communities prepare for action by working to identify and recruit relevant community stakeholders and key decision-makers to the Communities That Care process.

Phase 2 – Get Organized.

Phase 3 – Develop a Profile.

Phase 4 – Create a Plan.

Phase 5 – Implement and Evaluate.

Our History

Congress created the Community Development Block Grant Program and in 1975 Greenville County received its first CDBG grant to be administered by the newly created Greenville County Redevelopment Authority (GCRA). Through GCRA, work began in the first target neighborhood, Brutontown. These CDBG funds could be used for the clearance of slums and blight, public works improvements, community projects, and housing rehabilitation, but they could not be used for new housing construction.

This limitation proved to be a real problem as GCRA worked to revitalize Brutontown. So it devised a plan to buy houses that had been displaced by highways or other reasons, move them to purchased lots, rehabilitate them, then sell them to low and moderate-income homeowners. Through this partnership Beyond Housing SC, Brutontown Senior Complex, and the Poe Mill Affordable Rentals were developed.

Brutontown Duplexes are 2 bedrooms, 1 full bath, and handicapped accessible. To see the street view of the neighborhood click the link below.,-SC-29609_rb/11000307_zpid/

Poe Mill Rental

Poe Mill Rental

Get Involved

Beyond Housing is working hard to fulfill our vision, but we need your help. Building communities requires collective actions, community support, and funding. Join us in this endeavor to create a better Greenville for all!

Ways you can get involved:

* Volunteer.

* Advocate for our cause.

* Donate.

* Sign up for our Newsletter.

To help us reduce the affordable housing shortage, please donate to Beyond Housing SC by clicking the home with a heart below.

Mission: To provide quality affordable homes that instill pride, promote health, and create economic stability.

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